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Terroir painting is a brand that I branded while getting my MFA in ceramics. It composes the usage of 'Organic, Found/Foraged Materials in Nature'; primarily clay (different colors of clay), flowers, mushrooms, wine and earth minerals and uses them in its 'Raw Form'. Focus here is on different colors of these materials which are used as a traditional colored painting medium (oil, acrylic, watercolor) on a painting pallet. These naturally colored materials are then applied to canvas or watercolor paper using a brush.

There are no additives added to these found materials which makes the work environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Clay, Mushroom and Earth Mineral (Final Work) is durable (from the archival point of view). It maintains itself and thrives in both dry and moist environments as well as direct sunlight. They do not fade with time.

  • Wine and Flowers (Final Work) is durable (from archival point of view). It needs to however stay in dry environments and away from sunlight - as the material used is organic in nature.


Final art can be classified as a combination of Earth Art, Photorealism and Neo-emotionalism.


We exist as part of nature. It is with this belief in mind I go on to create work that does not separate the nature from mankind. The importance of nature is not just in the materials that I chose to work with but also in the themes of my work.


My primary intention is to explore fragility of the earth as it relates to time. I combine the origin of our existence (medium) with the subject, leading me and also the viewer to a thought provoking narrative about our purpose and interconnectivity, hence conjuring up emotions.


It is through this collaboration with nature; I don’t just represent landscape in my work, I construct pieces of that landscape onto itself, making it much more representative of the natural world.


Creating with deep emotion lends itself to calmness and acceptance of the connection with our creation and destination, which ultimately brings peace to both artist and the viewer.

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