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Episode 52: Eunika Rogers

Episode 52: Eunika Rogers

Leroy visits our new Durango, CO gallery and interviews artist Eunika Rogers. Eunika is the latest artist to join the Blue Rain Gallery stable. Find her work at Blue Rain Gallery, Durango 934 Main Avenue, Unit B Durango, Colorado 81301 (970) 232-2033 ... Eunika collects clay and natural pigments that she dilutes in water and uses on both canvas and watercolor paper. She gets to name her paint; often the name carries a hint of a peak or a hike she did. She has an earthy palette; different shades of siennas, ochres and umbers from Tennessee, Mississippi, San Francisco, Italy, Slovakia as well as her current home in Colorado. Shades of Columbine and San Juan dusk both shades of umber were collected along St. Miguel River. Her collection of Colorado ochres; Sneezeweed Gold and Crimson Pass was collected from Red Mountain Pass. There is also White Yankee Girl, Black Bear Pass, Sky Over San Miguel that were collected from the San Juan Mountain. Eunika’s work is a visual dialogue between landscape and the female body. She connects with her subject directly through her hikes and peak exploration. As an ultra distance runner and a former Orienteering Champion she feels very comfortable on or off a trail. Maps and contour lines are part of her backpack items as well as part of her painting process. Her hiking is not only limited to her now hometown of Telluride and the area. She is very familiar with Southeastern landscape where she used to live and of course Slovakia where she was born and raised. She is an experienced trekking guide in High Tatra Mountains. Prior to living in USA she spent her teenage years in Canada and growing up years in former Czechoslovakia, where she was born and visits often. She was 13 when her family escaped then Communist regime. She came to USA - Mississippi on a full tennis scholarship and after completing her Fine Arts Master Degree she decided to stay in Mid-South. She is married to her husband Scott, an accomplished adventurer and outdoorsman. ... View available work by Eunika Rogers: ... The Blue Rain Gallery Podcast is hosted by Leroy Garcia and produced by Leah Garcia. Music by Mozart Gabriel Abeyta.
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