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I am an artist - I paint with clay that I dig up on my travels. As a hiker and ultra-distance trail runner I have the means to find secluded areas with clay deposits and collect umber, sienna, and ochre clays from across America’s countryside and Europe. These clays provide the staining pigments that make up my art imagery. I travel with a zip-lock bag and a camera to document my process and lately I found myself part of this process.


That was the beginning …


I developed, experimented and conceptualize my painting all the while with my camera I’ve been looking for places to hide, to mirror or blend into.


Today I am a painter and a photographer and a subject - I paint from photographs that I take and my photography is about me and how I blend into this landscape.


When not painting in my studio or holding my camera I can be found wondering looking for a place to hide or dig my new ‘paint’.


I do reward myself with a glass of good wine that I on occasion turn into painting medium and the whole thing starts again.

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