Updated: Aug 9, 2019

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF CLAY - my collection of handmade clay mugs and dug up 'paint'

Clay ... not just your typical pottery medium (although I did get my MFA in ceramics), for me its a painting medium I use on untreated canvas and watercolor paper.

Try to tell that to the galleries, art collectors or even general public who enjoys art ... I get a lot of puzzled looks and if our world resembled a comic book, there would be a lot of question marks floating around. I often wonder if people take me seriously; it's a good thing I have a smartphone on me so I can whip out the latest clay painting project pic ... 'Yes, that is painted with clay!!!' ... which only brings on more questions.

Please ask away, I will be happy to answer questions about my process, paintings, life ... but a girl has her secrets.

In the meantime please visit my website ... yes, they ARE painted with clay!

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