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Figurative Painting

Let Figurative Painting Tell a Story


There are so many approaches to figurative painting, ensuring that every piece is truly unique. Every artist has their own interpretation, including determining the compositions, forms, and subjects. At Eunika Rogers Art, clay and other materials are used when painting a piece.


Breathtaking women in nature are often incorporated into the figurative paintings that you will see in our online store. It’s a chance to offer a beautiful piece to add to a wall while capturing some natural colors using clay and various paints.


Every piece of art tells a story. When you buy art, you want to make sure that coincides with a story that you want to tell. It’s why there are so many different designs – and so many different options for you to explore. New pieces are being added all the time, allowing you to find something that speaks to you.


Shop the various paintings online today.

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