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Comission Aspen Tree Paintings

Are You Looking for a Place Where You Can Get Commission Aspen Tree Paintings?


What is there not to love about Aspen trees? Many look at the leaves of a quaking Aspen tree and see it as a perfect metaphor for life. Because of the constant movement of the leaves it increases the air intake and aids in the trees growth. The same movement also allows the leaves that are higher up to move over so that sunlight can shine on the lower leaves. By studying the movement of the leaves of an Aspen tree, we can come to realize that we need to move as individuals, always striving forward, and allow others to shine if we are to grow as a community. 


The subject of Aspen trees are a favorite amongst artist, and if you are looking for commission Aspen tree paintings, look no further than Eunika Rogers Art. She uses nature as an inspiration for the process of her work and the medium she uses in her art work as she paints with clay. 

Learn more about Eunika Rogers Art and her commission Aspen tree paintings at

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